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TRS has finnally arrived!

TRS launches to hit the market strongly with the new TRS ONE.

The new trial Brand announced its creation end 2013 and is now ready to start the definitive arrival with the new trial model TRS ONE in three displacements, 300, 280 and 250 cc.

During these two years previous to the presentation of the bike, the TRS engineers and technical crew, have used the support from all kind of professionals contributing to assure the right and proper evolution, reliability and quality of the model itself.

TRS will soon start its production at the industrial facilities that the brand has in Sant Fruitós del Bages (Barcelona), where the company has the R & D department and from where bikes and other related products will de supplied to the domestic market and the rest of the world (North and South America, Europe as a whole, Japan and Australia).

TRS has arrived precisely on a tumultuous situation concerning the world of trial in general terms and some of its factories more concretely, with a full business plan for both, the product and the sporting activity.

SOME WORDS FROM JORDI TARRES: TRS was born thanks to our passion for Trial and experience accumulated over more than 30 years.

Due to the size of the project, we decided to work with lot of care since its conception, design and industrialization using always the best and most advanced technologies.

We have achieved our goal, a compact and light motorcycle in terms of weight, with the necessary reliability and robustness to fight against any kind of obstacle.

We have managed to supply a new and different feeling when riding it, due to its geometry and suspension, becoming a real attractive and easy adaptation for al kind of riders regardless of their level.

65 kg. offer a real feeling of lightness without damaging stability and giving the real possibility to climb up to the top.

The engine has been developed and designed specifically for the practice of trial, taking into consideration each and every single part of it to ensure the best performance and maximum power, and placing inside numerous technical improvements that make it unique in the market.

We have brought the bike at the highest level of "stress" during the time of developement and testing, to ensure the best success when reaching the market.

TRS ONE has exceeded the actual and common standards in terms of technology and style, showing the best performance, an extraordinary style and an exceptional behavior.

"CLICK HERE" to watch the all new TRS in action!

LewisportUSA will be a dealer for the new TRS, we will have more news ans specs posted soon,






WOW!-- what a great weekend!--The FIM World Trials Grand Prix in Rhode Island USA,

First let us say what a great effort by the Rhode Island crew for an awesome event, great venue,good organization and brilliant weather made for an amazing event.....Thank you!

Well, it was quite a drive for us, 4 1/2 days and 3400 miles each way!--but was well worth it--we were pleased to present the new VERTIGO to the USA for the first time and were swamped all weekend with many interested visitors / riders and took many pre-sales of this all new fuel injected very unique brand.

We had also represented JTG with the help of Rudi Geiser and RG TRIALS from Switzerland who enabled Jack Sheppard to attend the event, which also created considerable interest, but all eyes were mainly on the Vertigo and works rider James Dabill together with Dougie Lampkin as team manager and minder/mechanic Gabriel Reyes , Francesc Romani and not forgetting owner Manel Jane and family.

We together with GG/Sherco and Honda all had quite a scare as bikes did not arrive until late due to hold-ups in customs, but bikes finally got to site late afternoon Friday and practice was pushed back to allow the top riders to show there stuff!

Saturday saw crowds start to appear early for a chance to mingle with the worlds best riders and collect autographs and of course view the Vertigo.

Unfortunatly i do not have many pictures from the sections as i was helping mind for james , but here is a mixture of pictures from the event in general for your viewing,

Also-- would like to say a"WELL DONE" to all the US riders that entered the world round----( if anyone has pictures they could e mail to me i will gladly put some up here.





VERTIGO USA FIM World round report:

Round seven of the 2015 FIM Trial World Championship took place at Stepping Stone Ranch, Rhode Island and saw the prototype Vertigo Combat make its American debut in the hands of factory rider James Dabill who placed seventh and eighth over this weekend’s GP thanks to the kind support of recently appointed North American distributor, Lewisport USA.

This marked a popular return for the series to the USA with the last US Trial Grand Prix having taken place back in 2013 This weekend's event attracted one of the biggest crowds of the current season as the typically loud America fans expressed their appreciation of the top riders skill with some huge cheers throughout the two days of competition.

Saturday's Trial was conducted in bright sunshine and hot weather as the riders got their first taste of the huge rounded boulders set in the thick forest close to the start / finish area. Eleven of the twelve hazards used the natural terrain to good effect with only the final section situated near the paddock being a man made test that consisted of some carefully placed logs and rocks.

Even with James riding towards the front of the World Pro class it soon became evident that time was going to be tight and play its part on the opening lap and then, as a knock on effect, subsequently throughout the day. Rushing to finishing his first tour within the allotted two and half hours, Dabill made several errors and also incurred time penalties, as did many of the other top riders eventually placing him in tenth position at the close of lap one.

Despite this early setback, Dabill and his team were not ready to surrender and embarked on a recovery process that would see James climb the order over laps two and three. Now familiar with the hazards, which were slippery in places, Dabill used the smooth power of the fuel injected two-stroke engine to good effect as he drastically reduced his score on the second lap to move up the placings. James saved his best performance until last on day one, with his third and final lap total being his lowest of the day which allowed him to grab a morale boosting seventh spot come Saturday afternoon.

Day two got underway in warm, but cloudy conditions and with only a few small revisions to a course that had proved testing enough just twenty-four hours earlier. Again it proved to be a testing opening lap for James as he was awarded an early five in section three against his minder who was deemed to have interfered with the hazard by the overzealous official. With his concentration broken, Dabill struggled to regain his confidence and ended the lap with work to do once again.

As with the day before, James again rode his way back up the order improving his performance each time on the final two laps to end day two in a respectable eighth place and not far away from a top five position.

Vertigo Sports Team Manager Dougie Lampkin said post-event, "After the last two rounds we were certainly looking for improvement, especially as this was the first time that the Combat had been seen in the flesh in the USA. Overall James has ridden much better this weekend and the bike has gone really well on yet another type of terrain, but unfortunately mistakes on the first laps both days have stopped him finishing higher up the results. That said it has been another solid weekend for the prototype bike and I would like to say a special thank you to the guys at Lewisport for their great support."

Dabill summed up his American experience by saying. "It's fair to say neither France nor Andorra were great for me, so it has been good to get back some of my confidence this weekend. The bike felt really good, perhaps the best it has been all year, which shows that we are continuing to make good progress with the on going development. Silly errors on lap one of both days forced me to play catch up and meant I was not able to challenge for the top five which I was hoping to do. I now have two more rounds to try to do the same and will be giving 100% to make sure it is a strong finish to the year for me and the Vertigo team."

Images by kind permission of



We made it--4 1/2 day solid driving and we are in Rhode island ready for US WTC and the launch of the Vertigo to the USA along with the JTG and Ossa,we will bring you pictures on a daily basis from the pit area and trials.

Our shop remains open for all business Monday through Thursday with Nick and Crystal manning the phones and shipping orders as usual, so please do not hesitate to contact us for all your trials needs.





TRS--in the USA

TRS -----------Trials Coming To America

Jim and Tim Snell at Rising Sun Imports are honored to be the USA distributor ofnew TRS brand which has been the dream of World famous Trials champion Jordi Tarres. Jordi has assembled a core-group of talented associates; in turn they have carefully selected qualified distributors all over the globe. Rising Sun Imports Inc. is the sole importer and distributor of TRS motorcycles and spare parts for the United States of America, withall aspects of the distribution being done at their Indiana location. Assisting Jim and Tim will be Jesse Wellenstein, who intends to ride some selected regional and national trials events on the new TRS motorcycle.
With this opportunity,Jim and Tim have made a commitment to represent TRS in the USA with the highest level of service, and they look forward to helping tobuild thebrand.They are already in the ‘start-up’ phase representing the TRS brand. Rising Sun Imports now has a quarter century of experience in this specialized trials business. They intend to provide outstanding service in all aspects, and they are ‘trials people’.Because this is a business venture with an entirely new brand, they are going to take this step-by-step. As the business grows here and abroad,they will expand appropriately. At this time, TRS-USA will start with a core-group of highly qualified professional dealers who are capable of supplying the customers with a high level of satisfaction.

Rising Sun Imports are expecting to receive the first 2016 model TRS motorcycles in the fall or early winter of this year.Initially, the motorcycles will be available in 250, 280, and 300cc versions, with smaller displacement models to follow at a later date. These motorcycles are the result of three years of intense research and development and will be comprised of the highest quality components. The modest and modern new TRS factory is located in Manresa, a city North of Barcelona near the home of Jordi Tarres. Jordi is a hands-on type of guy and he will be involved in the day to day operation of the company.

TheUSA TRS web site is andthey will update the site in real-time as more news arrives. Additionally,they have a Facebook page known as ‘TRS Motorcycles USA.



More cool videos from Jitsie-- this time last weekend in Andorra.

"Click Here" for Sat action

"Click Here" for Sun action




We at LewisportUSA are extremely proud to announce sole distribution of the all new VERTIGO TRIALS Motorcycles in North America.

We will be attending and supporting Vertigo at the the Upcoming World Trials Championship at Rhode Island on July 25th/26th.

We will have a bike on display and be delighted to help anyone interested in this innovative new brand to the USA.

Following the success of the latest prototype version of the Vertigo Combat as ridden to victory by Dougie Lampkin at the recent and famous Scottish Six Day Trial (SSDT), the 2016 production edition will now benefit from the information collected during this absolute test of reliability and performance plus the continued work to deliver the best possible package to end users.


Looking ahead to the production edition, Vertigo Motors, Spain is delighted to announce the following appointments as part of the on going development of its international sales and aftercare network.

Taking immediate effect the parties listed belowhave been exclusively sanctioned to act on behalf of Vertigo Motors within the geographical limits specified in each case.

1: Official and exclusive Vertigo distributor for Northern America

Phone: + 1 2097856878 / + 1 5055155005

Territory: United States of America

2: Official and exclusive Vertigo distributor for Japan

Phone: + 81 0593702689 / +81 0789280258

Territory: Japan

3: Official and exclusive Vertigo distributor for Italy

Phone: +39 031701290

Territory: Italy

4: Official and exclusive Vertigo distributor for Great Britain + Ireland


Territory: Great Britain + Ireland

5: Official and exclusive Vertigo distributor for France

Phone: +33 468870948

Territory: France

6: Official and exclusive Vertigo distributor for Austria + Germany

Address: WEINBERGL 1, A-3293 LUNZ AM SEE
Phone: +43 748620020

Territory: Austria + Germany

7: Official and exclusive Vertigo distributor for Switzerland

Phone: +41 333460160

Territory: Switzerland

8: Official and exclusive Vertigo distributor for Belgium

Phone: +32 87314826

Territory: Belgium

9: Official and exclusive Vertigo distributor for Australia

Phone: +61 284246400

Territory: Australia

10: Official and exclusive Vertigo distributor for Catalonia (Spain)

Phone: + 34 938124509

Territory: Catalonia

Without exception, each appointed party has a great passion and a vast experience within the sport of trial and therefore Vertigo Motors are confident in these exciting and new collaborations, and wish their newly appointed official Vertigo distributors every success now and in the future as they each play their important role in establishing the brand around the World



Beta is proud to announce their 2016 Xtrainer,

Xtrainer 300:
The Xtrainer returns with one large update, Beta will build more! This popular model's sales far exceeded production for 2015 and the Beta factory has stepped up production for 2016 to help fill the demand.

This entry-level 300 cc off road machine brings fun back into the riding dictionary with it's "no-hit" yet powerful engine, oil injection, electric start, and a low seat height. Xtrainers will be available at Beta dealerships beginning in August at a suggested price of $7299.00.



Its here-- the july issue of Trials and enduro news--

"CLICK HERE" to see july issue T&E news



Still have a few Gas Gas left!




After just a one week break the 2015 FIM Trial World Championship came back to life for the fifth round of the series which was held in the French mountain resort of Andon, located high in the hills but just inland from the coastal city of Nice. With this week's sections being found over one thousand four hundred metres above sea level, it was yet another new test for the prototype Vertigo Combat in the hands of factory rider James Dabill, who on this occasion was also joined for the first time by his teammate Francesc Moret.

Although the off season ski area provided the perfect terrain for the French GP, there was little variation in the hazards with each featuring the huge sharp white rocks that define this region. The only change in the sections were that some were more exposed than others, with the later group of hazards nine through to twelve benefiting from the shade of the alpine trees as the sun shone brightly and warmly on both days of competition. Andon last hosted its one and only previous Trial GP back in 1989.

The high altitude venue proved to be a tough test for both Dabill and the prototype Vertigo Combat as he and the team worked hard but within the short time allotted during Friday's official training session to find the correct settings to offset the loss of power associated with this kind of scenario. Vertigo and the Combat have never previously experienced this particular set of conditions, whereas the other teams have many years worth of data and special parts to refer to.

By his own admission James struggled to adapt during Saturday's Trial to the new bike set up and power delivery and had to fight his way through every section in order to eventually record a result inside the top ten. The day was made even more difficult as Dabill's main minder Josh Sprintall injured ligaments in his ankle whilst fulfilling his duties.

This injury forced a change in personnel on Sunday morning, with Josh side lined and another member of the Vertigo team having to step into his position. Overnight adjustments by the team's engineers, based on Saturday's findings, gave Dabill every confidence of a better showing on day two that took place in equally hot and sunny conditions as twenty-four hours earlier. However there was to be no miracle for James as he again endured an indifferent performance in the rocky hazards. Despite his and the team's best effort he could only manage tenth position once again.

Making his debut on the prototype Vertigo Combat in the FIM Trial World Championship Francesc Moret placed fourteenth and twelfth respectively over the two days of competition.

Speaking after the event Vertigo Sports Team Manager Dougie Lampkin said. "I remember from my own riding career how difficult it is to take a new bike to the first high altitude Trial and get a good set up. The Vertigo Combat remains a prototype still at this point, and the first season was always going to be about taking it to different places and working to get the best performance out of it. We now have a test planned before next weekend so we can hopefully put in place for the next GP what we have learned in France and be able to see some kind of marked improvement."

"Josh's injury is a big blow to James as he is an important part of the team and he is used to working closely with him. Hopefully he will be OK for Andorra next weekend, but we will have to wait and see."

Reflecting on the weekend Dabill said. "It has been every bit as tough as we expected up here in the mountains. The Team have done their best to deal with the altitude, but it is obvious we need to do some more testing to get the package working better at these high venues. With the test planned ahead of Andorra I am sure things will be much better next weekend."



WTC United Kingdom-- cool videos from Jitsie,

"Click here" to watch video 1

"Click here" to watch video 2


8/6/15 Vertigo


Again it was a solid weekend of results for Vertigo factory rider James Dabill as he took seventh and sixth spots respectively on the two days of the Swedish Grand Prix which marked round three of the 2015 FIM Trial World Championship. With the series having not visited Scandinavia since 2008, this weekend's event close to the city of Boras marked an important moment with many of the riders pleased to be tested by a different type of terrain.
Intermittent rain on both days added to the already soaked ground, caused by heavy rain in recent weeks, to provide a course that was both slippery and traditional in the main. Various modifications were made to the twelve sections spread around the neighbouring forest at the motocross track facility as the organisers responded to both the changes in the weather and the ground conditions.
Unlike the previous weekend in the Czech Republic where James had started so strongly on board the prototype Combat and literally put himself on top of the World, this Saturday saw the reigning British champion struggle in places on terrain that was much like that found in his home country. Dabill was not the only one who was adjusting to the muddy conditions and as a result still found himself in the hunt for a top five placing with two laps remaining.
James' second lap was his best of the day as he continued to threaten to match the fifth place he had claimed just seven days earlier. However, despite Dabill fighting hard in the now heavily rutted hazards, his closing lap was not quite good enough for him to equal his best GP result of the season so far and he had to settle for seventh position, just two marks off sixth spot.
Sunday saw similar weather with several rain showers in the morning ensuring that the sections were equally greasy on day two. Having gained valuable experience during Saturday's trial Dabill looked much more comfortable on the prototype Combat in the mud on Sunday’s opening lap. His initial tour for the loss of twenty marks put him in the running for another potential top five placing.
The nature of the hazards allowed no room for error and punished any small mistake severely throughout the weekend and James was again to learn this on his second lap on day two. Without doing too much different from his previous tour, Dabill score was eight marks more this time round and left him with work to do on the last lap of the GP. James responded well and finished the Swedish Grand Prix strongly to claim sixth place just two marks off fifth placed Takahisa Fujinami. Dabill remains seventh in the general standings after three GPs.
Speaking after the event Vertigo Sports Team Manager Dougie Lampkin said. "It's been a very different type of trial this weekend and although it has been a good event it has been the first time that James has really had the chance to ride the Vertigo in these type of conditions. A bit like last weekend he has had some amazing rides and really shown what the prototype Combat can do, even in the mud, but again he has cost himself places with some small mistakes."
"No one should be mistaken, the competition for the places behind Bou at the moment is very strong. You don't have to do a lot wrong and you can find yourself way down the results. On both days James has lost out by a couple of marks on an extra placing. With a bit more luck and a few less mistakes he could have easily been sixth and fifth, which we would have been well pleased with. As it is he has ended up seventh and sixth, which is still good in terms of consistency. Each GP we have seen improvement, so it would be nice to continue that in Great Britain next weekend."
Adding his own comment Dabill said. "One place higher each day would have been great, but a few silly mistakes spoiled that. Having not ridden the bike in this type of going before means I was learning on the job on Saturday. On Sunday I felt much more confident, I started and ended well but my second lap spoiled the day a bit as it would have been great to have been top five again. Anyway I can now look forward to my home GP next and I hope I can do something there to make it a special weekend for the British fans."
Next weekend sees James and the Vertigo team travel to Great Britain for round four of the 2015 FIM Trial World Championship, and the third GP on the bounce.




June 2nd , 2015

Having just returned from a whirlwind visit to Spain we thought we would update everyone on the current GAS GAS / OSSA situation as we understand it.

One thing was very clear to us and that is that NO one at this point really knows what the final outcome of the situation will be, however there is a lot of speculation from a LOT of different people which leads to the same conclusions.

Gas Gas is now officially in Chapter 11 bankruptcy as of May the 18th with what appears to be a consolidated debt exceeding 45 million Euro !! (this figure seems to be changing on a weekly basis !!)  The court has appointed a Trustee who will (as early as this week) begin the process of analyzing the accounting records, employee contracts, supplier debts etc. This could be a fairly lengthy process with some people hoping it would take a few months and others believing it could take six months or more !!.

Meanwhile at the factory the doors are somewhat open and a few people are still working as far as Spare Parts supplies and some office staff .

The majority of people we spoke to believe as we do that when the time is right a new buyer of the company will emerge. Apparently they are already lining up and once the Court Trustee has figured out the situation the process of selling the business and assets would begin. For the remaining employees of the company, many are hoping this is sooner than later.

Gas Gas / OSSA Importers around the world have now been without bikes for over 5 months and for most this will have had a negative financial impact and just as we have, will have to make changes to “weather the storm”.

The same can be said for the hundreds of suppliers around Spain and Europe who also supplied parts to Gas Gas who could very well be owed money but will also see a reduction in their overall business sales.

We also learned last week that all of the Race team support was cut off. This was a big blow for the Enduro Teams as well as the Trials Teams including Adam Raga who is now hoping to finish the current WTC as a privateer with the help of individual importers.  Obviously this lack of factory support / incentives etc. eventually trickles down to many, many riders of all levels because of the cut backs national and local dealers will be making.

Sixteen months ago OSSA merged with Gas Gas. At the time the consolidation of these two brands seemed to make sense. OSSA had outgrown their production facility and needed a larger more organized production and administration structure to meet the growing demand, some government funding was also made available if both companies merged and worked together.  

Now OSSA is aggressively seeking a legal way to remove itself from the Gas Gas situation, however this would also have to be reviewed and approved by the Trustee. Again, many opinions differ as to when and if this may happen with some people saying a few months and others saying much longer. As with Gas Gas we remain positive that eventually OSSA will produce bikes again.

As the OSSA USA importer we remain committed to providing service to the customers who decided that OSSA was the best choice for them. Whilst we were in the factory last week we went around spares dept as well as all of the production line and picked out a substantial quantity of spare parts which we should be receiving in the next few weeks. When we combine this new shipment with the large amount of spares we already stock we believe this will sustain us for a prolonged period of time as we wait for more news.       

We are trying to stay positive during these awkward times and again would like to thank all of our Lewisport USA and OSSA USA customers for your continued support and if you need anything please do not hesitate to call/ email  us !!!

Adrian and Mandy Lewis




Pants and matching size jersey----- $117.50 per set




Following a week in Spain visiting vendors and manufacturers , (More news on that soon!) took a few pics of some interesting bikes at a friend of ours in Barcelona, thought you may like to see them!




It was back to winning ways for factory Vertigo rider James Dabill as he took a relatively straightforward and commanding victory at round five of the British Trials Championship held in South Wales. With his main rivals Michael Brown and Jorge Casales both absent due to injuries sustained at the Japanese Trial GP last month, Dabill confirmed his supremacy over the rest of the field to win a by a margin of eighteen marks from eventual runner-up Sam Haslam.

It was to prove to be a sweet revenge for Dabill, who was beaten by Haslam to the last podium place at the recent Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT), after James had suffered hefty time penalties earlier in the almost week long competition.

The latest event on home soil saw the domestic series move into its second and concluding half, with just four out of nine rounds remaining between now and the end of August. Following his third win of the campaign to date on board the prototype Combat, Dabill now heads the overall standings by a healthy twenty-five points from the absent Brown as he looks to seal a sixth British title.

James made light work of the three laps of twelve sections that were ridden in dry conditions. The second and penultimate hazards proved to be toughest on the day with Dabill losing eight of his total fourteen marks on the former of these. In truth the factory Vertigo rider's triumph was never in doubt as he finished the first lap eight marks clear of the chasing pack, an advantage he was to extend further as he produced three consistent laps, his best performance coming during his closing tour.

Vertigo Sports Team Manager Dougie Lampkin was again on hand to oversee Dabill and his prototype Combat and had this to say post event. "It's a real shame that neither Michael (Brown) or Jorge (Casales) were not able to be here as you never like to see riders get injured. From everyone at Vertigo I wish both of them a speedy recovery, as the British championship missed them and so did James as riding against other good riders is what keeps you sharp."

"That said James has come here and done a very professional job, just like he did up in Scotland when things didn't go his way. A bit of mud dragging on to some of the rocks in some sections made things a bit more slippery later on, but James kept his concentration and rode well despite not being under any real pressure, which sometimes is when you can be prone to making mistakes."

"We have got another round of the British in Scarborough next weekend and then three World rounds on the bounce, so it is a busy and intense period both for the team and James, but one we are looking forward to as we continue to make good progress each week."

Dabill added a few words of his own. "With no Michael (Brown) or Jorge (Casales), everyone expected me to win easily, which in some ways is added pressure. The important thing was not to relax too much and just to treat it like the other rounds. My first lap was good and gave me a solid gap, so I could then just get on with riding my own trial. To win by such a big margin over Sam (Haslam) especially after he rode so well at the SSDT is pleasing, and is a little bit of a pay back for him keeping me of the rostrum last week. Anyway a win is always a win, and I hope that I can now kick on over the next few weeks to get the results both me and the team are looking for."



BACK IN STOCK!-- we have a few more TLR/Reflex "RACE" tank and shelters back in stock-- incorporates a separate shroud and tank--MUCH smaller and slimmer, the shroud is constructed of strong fiberglass (white primer Finnish) with an aluminum tank avoiding any fuel leakage (in line tap required) typically associated with fiberglass tanks.
NOTE-- some Finnish / fitting work is required.---$675.00 complete.




Cool Video-- 2015 FIM X-TRIAL World Championship - Season Preview,

"CLICK HERE" to watch



Also special congratulations to Gas Gas mounted Gary McDonald on an incredible 2nd place in the SSDT this year,

Our relationship with Gary stems all the way back to helping supply one of his first trials bikes (Fantic 80) in the early 90,s--we have watched his progress over the years with great interest and admiration, this is an great achievement to both him and his family,

Gary becomes the most successful Scottish trials rider of all time and the only Scotsman to stand on the podium of the SSDT in 80 yrs!





Dougie Lampkin created yet another piece of history as he rode the prototype Vertigo Combat to a commanding and important victory at the 2015 Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT), as the all new machine made its debut at this ultra tough and World famous event. This marked the ninth SSDT win for the former multi World Champion and sealed an amazing week of success for the Vertigo team in the Scottish Highlands.

Fellow Vertigo factory rider James Dabill also produced an incredible performance as he made it two prototype Vertigo Combats in the top four after the five times British Champion claimed fourth spot at the finish. James dropped to twenty-fifth following unfortunate time penalties on day two, but rode his way brilliantly back up the order over the closing four days to end the almost week long event within touching distance of a podium position.

Unveiled to the World just six short months ago in Milan, everyone looked on with great interest as not one but six prototype versions of the Vertigo Combat were bravely entered into the toughest test of all in the full view of the public and media. The Vertigo team saw the decision to compete at the SSDT with a full line up of bikes as a natural part of the on going development of the Combat as the factory continues to move from a series of prototype machines to a production model later this year.

Five out of the six prototype machines made it to the finish at what is regarded as the toughest test of them all for a modern trial bike, with only Manel Jane failing to make it to the line after he was forced to retire from the competition with a back related problem later in the week. Behind Dougie and James, now team mechanic Gabriel Reyes made a one off return to competing on the international stage and was deservedly rewarded with the best foreign rider award and twenty-ninth place after six long days in the saddle.

Axel Jane ended his week inside the top one hundred and fifty thanks to him producing some of his best ever rides at the Scottish over the six days. Paul Dixon rounded out the order of merit by riding his prototype Vertigo Combat to the finish on a non-award basis after having exceeded his time allowance on day four, when a broken wire connected to the fuel pump caused an intermittent fault.

An obviously delighted Vertigo Sports Team Manager Dougie Lampkin carried a broad smile as he said. "This is an unbelievable moment both for me and Vertigo and is a great reward to each and every person within the team who has worked so very hard over the past months to come to the Scottish with a prototype bike that is capable of winning. It is amazing to think that from the show version that we uncovered in Milan last November that I have now ridden the latest version for six hard days without a single problem to victory in the toughest competition of the year. There can be no bigger statement about the progress we have made over the last six months."

"Me winning is just part of the story, James (Dabill) has done a great job too this week. He could have easily thrown the towel in after Tuesday, but instead he has put in a really professional performance to climb from outside the top twenty to almost be on the podium. Gabriel, Axel, Paul and Manel also deserve a mention too, as it has been a proper team effort this week and everyone has played their part."

"To win on a new bike at the Scottish is simply unheard of and makes this win perhaps the most special of my nine to date. The bike and team are in a great place, but we still know there is much work to do and although we are going to enjoy and celebrate this moment, we will be back to work on the project next week as we look to make and take the next steps."

Speaking after the event factory Vertigo rider James Dabill explained. "Obviously from a personal point of view I wanted to be challenging Dougie for the win, as a Vertigo 1-2 would have been awesome but Tuesday put an end to that dream. That said it has been an incredible week for the Vertigo team, which I am proud to have been a part of and hopefully I can say I have done my bit by riding my way back up the results to end the week with two Vertigo Combats in the top four."

"I can honestly say it is the best bike I have ridden in Scotland, it felt so planted and stable and was so easy to ride in the sections so I am already looking forward to coming back next year and giving Vertigo their second SSDT win!"




After the opening three days of the 2015 Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT), which remains regarded as the ultimate test of man and machine, it is Vertigo factory rider Dougie Lampkin who leads the way aboard his prototype Combat machine. However it has been a tough first half to the current edition of this famous event for Dougie and all the other competitors, with day two proving to be one of the most difficult ever in the long history of the SSDT.

After a relatively relaxed and straightforward opening day the riders then faced a hellish ordeal on Tuesday with horrific weather conditions adding to a route that included many water logged moor crossings and was around one hundred and ten miles in total. Vertigo factory rider James Dabill was one of the biggest losers on a day when only eight riders completed the course in time.

Whilst Dabill had no problems at all with his prototype Combat, riding at the front of the field, he suffered heavy time penalties that would push him down the order. James was not alone in his ordeal with eights times SSDT winner Lampkin also losing marks on time for the first time in this event due to the severe conditions on the day. The two Vertigo factory riders joined most of the around two hundred and seventy strong remaining field in incurring time penalties on day two.

With the damage done Lampkin and Dabill held seventh and twenty-fifth places respectively after the second day with much work to do if they were going to contest the higher order come the end of the week. Wednesday brought brighter skies and a renewed confidence within the Vertigo team with all six prototype Combat machines ready for action once again.

Day three saw Lampkin and Dabill excel with the twelve time FIM Trial World Champion completing all thirty sections for no loss whilst the five time British Champion almost matched this feat by dropping only a single mark. These two outstanding performances had a massive impact on the overall rankings with Lampkin moving into the lead for the first time this week and Dabill pulling himself within touching distance of the top ten with three days still remaining.

Fellow Vertigo team rider Gabriel Reyes continues to enjoy a solid return to competition after an extended absence by currently holding thirty-sixth position overall whilst Paul Dixon is the fourth best placed Combat protagonist at the halfway stage. With both Axel and Manel Jane continuing to make good progress all six prototype Combat machines remain very much a part of the 2015 SSDT as the event moves into its closing stages.

Reflecting on the event thus far Vertigo Sports Team Manager Dougie Lampkin commented. "What a difference twenty-four hours can make up here in Scotland. Tuesday was the toughest day I have ever had in the SSDT and saw me lose marks on time for the first time. James was really unlucky being early on the day and paid a heavy price, the only good news was how well the prototype bikes stood up to the test."

"Thankfully Wednesday brought us better luck and allowed both James and I to recover ground on the leading riders. To claw back eleven marks in one day and to move into the lead was much more than I expected, but is something I will take after Tuesday. James rode well too and has put himself right back in contention. Also the other guys in the team deserve credit too. This is a real team effort and to have Gabriel and Paul doing a great job too is so important. And for Axel and Manel to still be battling on, fair play. Six bikes started and six are still going, therefore so far it is a great result all round."

"We are only at the halfway point so there is still a long way to go, but we will be doing our best to finish the job off in the best way possible."



Some Scottish Six Day action from day 1---

"Click Here" to watch video



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This months Trials & Enduro news---with coverage of the first 2 MotoTrial nationals in TX and AZ--testing the 2015 Beta Evo 2T, interviews with Bryan Roper,Adam Raga and Takahishi Fujinami + LOTS more!

"CLICK HERE" for this months issue.



Our rider Dustin land and his 2015 national accounts!

Dustins blog!

NATC Moto Trials National Rounds 1 and 2 Amarillo TX April 11-12 2015.

The first two rounds of the national series started off in the Palo Duro Canyon just south of Amarillo TX. This was only about a 6 hour drive from my home and I was able to arrive Thursday evening and meet up with the LEWISPORT OSSA team for a nice Dinner before heading to the Trials site on Friday morning.

Heading out early Friday morning to the event site had me wondering what we were going to be riding on as it was flat prairie for as far as the eye could see for the 45 min drive from the Motel to the site, until the last mile of the drive we dropped into a beautiful canyon that was a trials paradise. I couldn’t wait to get out on my OSSA 300 Factory and start getting used to the terrain.

The terrain here was quite different than I was used to, it was very loose and dry, making finding traction difficult unless you were on rocks, but the dirt in between the rocks would just crumble away, you could tell where anybody had rode because deep ruts were formed very quickly. After a few hours practice I was starting to figure it out. A smooth throttle hand and using a higher gear was the key to finding traction, just like riding in very slick conditions, the OSSA was perfect for this type of riding due to its smoothness and predictability from the fuel injection. I was feeling good and ready for the event the next day. The bike felt great and it was cleaned after practice, prepped and ready to go for round 1 the next morning.

Saturday was a great day, the sections were wide open and had a good flow to them, over a 8 mile loop. I was able to post a 12 point opening loop which included a 5 in section 6 were I spun in the loose dirt not getting a good drive for the step at the exit, but overall I was happy and knew that I could improve on my score.

On my second loop I was able to cut my score to 9, having gotten thru section 6 this time around and clearing up a few other silly dabs from the previous attempt. My third loop was improved yet again to a 6 point loop. I was able to get in a good rhythm on my third loop and had a lot of confidence in my performance and the bike. Ending the day on 27 points for the win ahead of second place on 48 points was a great confidence builder for me and the team, My OSSA worked flawlessly all day and I couldn’t have been happier with the result.

Sunday was again another beautiful Texas day, and a great day for riding. The sections on Sunday were the same as the previous day with a few changes in split cards. The biggest change was section 2, and proved to be the most challenging for me for the day. It had a large angled step that I struggled to figure out the best way to ride it. I came back off this step on my first attempt for a 5, but was able to put in a solid ride for the rest of the loop for an 11 point opener. Arriving at section 2 the second loop I looked at the step for some time before attempting it. Hitting it from a different angle proved to have the same result for me as I came back off again for another 5. This really got me motivated and I was able to complete the rest of the loop clean posting a 5 point second loop. Loop 3 turned out to be my best ride of the weekend. Section 2 on my final attempt I gave it my all and hit the step hard in 2nd gear and I was up with a single prod, I was very pleased and was able to clean the rest of the loop with the 1 point. With a final score of 17 for the day I secured my second win by 17 points!

It was a great weekend and I couldn’t ask for more from my OSSA and the LEWISPORT/OSSA team, the support in the pits was second to none, providing me with food and water, bike prep and maintenance along with the encouraging words keeping me going throughout the day! I am grateful; I couldn’t have posted such a great result without them. Thanks!




Due to the current ongoing situation at the GAS GAS / OSSA Factory in Spain, LewisportUSA / OSSA USA regrettably will not be able to attend the NATC Mototrial rounds in Nebraska and Ohio. For riders who are competing and may be in need of spare parts or technical support prior to the events please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are monitoring the Factory situation on a weekly basis and will make a decision in early July regarding attendance at the Wyoming round on August the 8th and 9th.

Thanks for your continued support. We appreciate you and your business !!!

LewsiportUSA / OSSA USA



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Factory Vertigo rider James Dabill strengthened his position at the top of the British Trials Championship following two strong showings at rounds three and four of the series held in Devon this weekend. Dabill riding the prototype Combat machine and who is the reigning national title-holder was unable to repeat the double victory that he achieved at the opening two events, however James was very much in contention during the latest two days of competition when he finished as a close runner-up on both occasions.

Saturday saw the first coming of three laps of twelve sections set on the steep wooded hillside at Lustleigh. All the hazards featured a similar theme with big boulders separated by dry soil being the order of the day. A five late on the first lap spoilt an otherwise solid start by Dabill as he kept close company with eventual day one winner Jorge Casales. James rode himself back into a potential winning situation as he posted a second lap total that was three better than his Spanish rival. However the Factory Vertigo rider was unable to continue this kind of form into the final lap, and a couple of early errors forced him into second spot come the close of play.

Modifications were made to the sections overnight in an attempt to increase the severity for day two, with round four of the series being run over the exact same course as the third round on the previous day. With conditions absolutely bone dry and the riders now very familiar with both the hazards and the terrain Sunday's trial ended up being a very low scoring affair despite the efforts to prevent the same. Again it would be a single mistake that would cost James dearly, his failure on section six on lap one accounting for five of the seven marks he dropped for the entire competition. Even two final clean laps could not prevent Dabill being pushed into the runners-up position for the second day in succession, this time by a single mark by day two victor Michael Brown.

Keeping a close eye throughout the weekend Vertigo Sports Team Manager Dougie Lampkin commented. "We came here to continue on from the opening two rounds and looking for another pair of victories, but that has not been the case. Mistakes on both days have been the difference between James winning and being second. Overall he has ridden well all weekend, and once again the bike has performed well with no problems. Given how easy the trials have been this weekend, two second places and to still be leading the championship after four rounds is an amazing achievement for the project at this early stage."

Dabill added his own words. "My riding has been good, but my concentration needs to be a bit better when the trials are so easy. Again we have learned a lot over the weekend both with the bike and as a team and I hope we can now use that in the next events in Japan and then at the Scottish too. To be leading the championship as we get near the halfway point in the series shows where we are with the prototype Combat, and I am sure both in terms of the bike and as a team we will get even stronger during the second half of the British series, especially if there are a few higher scoring events to come."

James and the Vertigo Combat hold a five-point lead at the top of the British Championship standings as the team now takes a short break from domestic duties to focus on the opening round of the FIM Trial World Championship next weekend in Japan closely followed by the Scottish Six Days Trial.

Pics courtesey J.Miller



We just got back from the first four nationals in Texas and Arizona (apologies in disruption in service) and what a great result OSSA & JTG !

Firstly we would like thank all our riders for there professionalism and sportsmanship and a special thanks to Sherwood Gibson and Mike Slaight for cooking team breakfasts each day!

We had many riders on the podium ,....

Dustin Land ES 1st place round 1 / 2 / 3 / 4----------------------------OSSA

Harry Oswald EX 4th x3 & 3rd----------------------------------------------JTG

Sherwood Gibson CM 3rd & 2nd / 1st & 1st----------------------------OSSA

Nicholas Albertson CM 4th & 4th / 3rd & 2nd---------------------------OSSA

Mandy Lewis CW 2nd (AZ)---------------------------------------------------OSSA

Kip Norton CM 6th & 7th------------------------------------------------------ OSSA

Bevin Johnson SP 8th & 7th / 6th & 5th (EXSP)----------------------- OSSA

Tanner Campbell SP 11th & 9th ----------------------------------------------OSSA

Here are a few random pictures from the 4 rounds,



1st round of the British championship--VERTIGO mounted James Dabill wins the double!

Reigning British champion won not one but both rounds of the first British championship this weekend--riding the all new VERTIGO "Combat" Dabill dominated the first round at Hookwood in Surrey and then went and did the same thing on day two at Buster limeworks in Hampshire.

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Cool video of Adam Raga training--"CLICK HERE"

2015 x trial championship WR NEAUSTADT (AUS) --"CLICK HERE"



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3.-Change its position in fuction of clutch pads state.
4.-Stainless steel screws included in each set.




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... decoración de los colores oficiales del equipo HRC - Honda RepsolCasco Trial MONTESA TEAM

Helmet used by the official Repsol Honda team
Produced with thermoplastic ABS. Two shell measures for a better comfort in each size. Expanded polystyrene EPS in three densities. Two measures of internal EPS. Inside fully removable. Made with laminated foam of different densities, covered with hypoallergenic tissue for perfect comfort.
Built in removable visor made of transparent polycarbonate with anti-scratch standard treatment for eyes protection, smoked version optional. Adjustable and fast closing.
Cooling: two air admissions in the front and two in the back to provide internal cooling between the EPS and the shell, giving a Venturi effect inside to provide freshness. Side cooling entrances.
Visor made of polypropylene plastic



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During my recent visit to Spain our agreement with this unique Spanish trials brand was renewed and bikes are expected to arrive here in mid/late April.

We have standard models and the "Racing" model ordered.....there have been a lot of changes have happened at the JOTAGAS facility, now being hand built in the heart of the trials world ,Girona Spain.

Some of the 2015 improvements:

New selector shaft design for smoother gear operation,
New positioned duel map switch,
New ELKA fully adjustable / rebuildable rear shock, (optional OHLINS available)
New crank shaft specifications,
New simplified electrical system,
New fork specifications for smoother more progressive response,
New clean white graphics,
New engine compression specs for smoother power delivery and improved performance,
New rear brake pedal design,
New clutch specification
New chain tensioner for more room,

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The Onza Tyke is a great entry-level trials bike that ideal for anyone wanting to get into the sport. Strong, reliable and affordable are the major strong points of this top seller bike! Features of the Onza Tyke 20" trials bike: * 6061-series aluminium frame construction * Onza steel blade forks with V-brake mount * Mounted with V-brakes * Onza lightweight rims with 36holes with Kenda tires * Onza chromo riser 31.8mm trials handlebar * Onza alloy 145mm stem mounted to suit riders smaller than 1m50 (different length stem mounted on the black Onza Tyke) * Caged pedals for good reliable grip * Weight 10.36kg Geometry: Wheelbase: 995mm Chain stay length: 355mm BB height: 55mm

ALSO--Onza "ZOOT" 24inch trials bicycle :

The Onza Zoot was developed for the rider who likes BMX but wants to try some trials.Cafefully researched over a couple of years,this model represents many hours of hard work and testing. The 24" market is a rapidly growing segment which many feel is a great combination of both trials and BMX.
The Zoot is a great fun bike with true trials geometry but the style of an oversized BMX. Great attention to detail, many unique features and well researched geometry has made the fastest growing model in the range. The 7005 T6 alloy frame has horizontal drop outs, disc mounts and a built in pivot post. The special 24" front fork disc mounts and correctly positioned V-Brake mounts for 24" wheels.

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Cool video of used from Toulouse Indoor---"Click Here"



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In a world of digital news --forums--rumours and speculation here is the ACTUAL facts on the latest developments within Gas Gas, hopefully put into plain english so that we can all understand ,

Last friday (1-16-15) Gas gas filed a "pre concurso" with the Spanish Court system. We are not lawyers, but we believe this is the informal equivalent here in the USA as Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.

Gas Gas will be undergoing a re organization of various resources at the Factory and is involved in intense negotiations with their banks, creditors and suppliers in an effort to restructure the company debt, currently estimated at 20 million Euro's. This long term debt service has been a huge financial burden on factory resources and they are in a position now where they want to negotiate in good faith a solution to the problem.

The current investment group is keen to provide additional growth and working capital into Gas Gas when the current situation is solved.

Gas Gas and Ossa are great products and the company is committed to many more years of producing great bikes for us all to ride and race. We remain positive that they can successfully bring about a solution to the financial burden they are under.

NOTE:--- We see this as actually GOOD news from the factory, this will hopefully help resolve a huge burden the company had to deal with on a daily basis and allow the company to move forward enabling them to remain the worlds largest trials / enduro bike producers.




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We encourage your feedback with this new site so please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know how to improve the experience or simply just tell us we are how we are doing!

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Geoff Aaron signs with Gas Gas Motos North America to race the Geico Endurocross series in 2015 season

In addition to racing, Geoff's company Extreme Riding Entertainment Inc. (ERE) has signed on to manage promotions for the Gas Gas brand on the west coast. ERE will also operate the Endurocross racing team and continue to promote the popular Red Bull Trials shows with Gas Gas machinery.

"I'm excited to help Gas Gas get the exposure it deserves. I've won championships with this brand and the bikes are world caliber. The EC300 and TXT300 are both very capable bike”, states Geoff.

Geoff Aaron is a ten-time AMA National Trials champion and currently holds the all-time win record in USA Trials. Geoff is also an Endurocross regular with many top finishes and a two-time event winner. Geoff's National number is #4.

"We are very pleased to have Geoff on board with Gas Gas Motos North America", says Mark Berg. "He has experience with the brand and interacts well with fans and the press. We wish him great success in 2015"

Gas Gas Motos is a worldwide leader in Trials and Enduro motorcycles. The brand has achieved numerous national and world titles in both disciplines. Gas Gas recently celebrated its 30th year in business and has just restructured operations in North America.




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Sheffield UK was the venue for the first round of the FIM World Indoor X-Trials season.....Toni Bou / Albert cabastany / Adam raga taking top 3 positions. ..................."click here for cool 20 minute HD video of some of the highlights.

The first round of the 201 FI Indoor X-Trial championship got underway last weekend at Shefield in or a 20 minute HD video of brilliant eve



After many, many hours of intensive testing and training behind closed doors Vertigo Motors official rider James Dabill and the Spanish manufacturers' brand ambassador and Sports Team Manager Dougie Lampkin have finally broken cover to show their new colours for the forth-coming season.

The 2015 campaign for the newly formed team will start later today, with Dabill set to give the Vertigo Combat machine its World's debut at Sheffield as the 2015 FIM X-Trial World Championship .

For Lampkin, his season will kick off later, with his main focus coming in early May as the ex-multi FIM Trial World Champion looks to extend his record breaking winning run at the famous Scottish Six Days Trial set in and around Fort William.

Speaking ahead of the team's first competitive event Lampkin said. "As you can imagine there is a massive amount of excitement with in the team right now. A huge amount of effort has been made by so many people to be ready for this moment."

"Whilst we are both confident and proud, we are also aware that Sheffield is just the first step in an important and on going development process for the prototype version in order that we can achieve the longer term goal of producing what we believe will be the ultimate production model later down the line."

Dougie ended by stating. "James alongside the team, has been working really hard over the last few weeks to adjust to the new bike and we all know that he will be giving 110% to ensure that the Vertigo Combat makes the best debut possible.

Vertigo--ready for action!


ng. "James alongside the team, has been working really hard over the last few weeks to adjust to the new bike and we all k



We regret to inform you, that effective on December 29th 2014, UPS (and FEDEX) implemented a new Dimensional weight system which resulted in a dramatic increase in the rates that we are charged for shipments to your company. They explain that on-line sellers have large shipping departments that process and box items that weigh very little but are shipped in large boxes. Frequently boxes that are much larger than actually needed for the specific items. (Not the case with us, but none the less, it seems to have become a big problem for the shipping industry) Therefore, they have chosen to tighten-up the rules so that there is a formula for weight vs. dimensions, and this is now applied to much smaller packages and is called; "dimensional weight". (In the past, this formula applied only to large packages and was referred to as "oversize dimensional weight".)
For more detailed information, simply follow this link
For example:
Today (December 31st 2014) We prepared a box with three handlebars, six sets of grips, and some small items. With a final destination to one of our customers in one of our neibouring states. (This specific box is designed for long items such as handlebars and rear fenders, so it was not excessively large. In fact it was a perfect fit for this application with almost no wasted interior space.)
This was being sent via UPS ground service to a business address. (The absolute least expensive UPS method) - This box weighed an actual 11 U.S. pounds. Upon entering it into the system, the charge to our company was $16.57 - with no added cost of additional insurance. -After entering the dimensions of this box, the charge changed to $28.70! An incredible 70% increase in price due to the new dimensional weight calculation process! And this was only for us to send these items halfway across the continent via UPS GROUND service - to a business address!
This is most unfortunate for us all, but we send this message to be sure as our customers that you are aware of this situation. I can assure you that after we buy shipping and packing materials and boxes from our wholesale shipping supplies vendor, and pay the actual UPS invoices (which cost our companymany hundreds of dollars each week) we are NOT profiting from the shipping and handling that is added to each of your sales.
We can assure you, that in the future, as always, we will be diligent about packaging your items in the smallest boxes possible to help you to reduce your shipping costs.

We thank you for your continued support.

Best regards in sport and wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous new year.

lewisportUSA team.



For 2015 we are entering into the enduro motorcycle market with GAS GAS EC range (more on that later!) and also some specialist parts and accesories which will slowly increase with time as interest grows.

Enduro specific--Trials like grip with extended lugs around side wall.

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Cool video---Moto trials through a Giant Igloo with Dougie lampkin.......

"Click here to watch Video"

Embedded image permalink


The TRS Jordi Tarres project makes progress---here are a few pictures of the evolution of the new bike so far--we look forward to the images of a complete bike soon.



Some pictures from our recent visit to Spain and the Ossa/Gas Gas factory--Jordi tarres villa, Jotagas and also the last round of the Spanish championship at Cal Rousel.



New GAS GAS 2015 "Contact"

Suitable for all those great lovers of off-road exploring and trial. The new Gas Gas Contact allows you enjoyment with good off-road performance, quality and comfort at an affordable price.
A machine for those who want to enjoy their off-road excursions and the sport of trial without sacrificing comfort, smoothness and the performance of the bikes manufactured by Gas Gas. This is the new Gas Gas Contact, a motorcycle designed for enthusiasts and leisure trial alike.
The secret of a good day of trial is to be able to enjoy it without stress, leaving behind the rush and just enjoying the moment. And so, the new Gas Gas Contact is ideal for lovers of mountain motorcycling for its versatility and ease of operation. With versatility and quality at an affordable price, the new Contact will bring out the most of your weekend adventures.
Over time the beasts are tamed and some people prevail and become comfortable with the sport. The same philosophy is involved in creating the new Gas Gas Contact, a product that focuses on reliability and good performance with our 250 cc two-stroke engine, a motorcycle logically adapted for the needs of riders being initiated into the sport of trial.

Suitable for those who wish to enjoy their hobby carefree, with the cost benefits, the new Gas Gas Contact has settings designed for a typical rider. A single ignition map, a rear shock with adjustable preload, and a front fork with factory settings, both of the Ollé brand, to simplify the puzzle where sometimes the settings of other products become. Simplicity facilitates use.
In this regard, this model has an engine that is available - only in a displacement of 250 cc – Known for smoothness and progressive response, by incorporating the Dellorto 26 carburetor and new exhaust curve in combination with the new ignition map, makes this a suitable bike for both beginners in the trial sport and those who have long practiced it and enjoy trail trips as well. The incorporation of a fuel tank with increased capacity - 3.5 liters - and a standard seat, coupled with new geometry and balanced weight distribution make the Gas Gas Contact a model with greater aplomb, whose raw torque can gain traction on any terrain.
In addition to the comfortable seat on this series that will give you a rest in many of your excursions, the Gas Gas Contact also includes a long list of details like the anodized rims with galvanized spokes, Galfer disc brakes, and brake and clutch levers finished off in a natural aluminum color. A new model, practical and functional within the most affordable price segment, a dual model motorcycle, perfectly adapted to make the most of your leisure time.



New from Gas Gas--not shure if we will see this here in the USA,but very cool bike!

GAS GAS EC450 RAID--"Born in the dessert"

Opting for reliability and endurance
The new Gas Gas EC 450 Raid is the result of experience gained during years of participation in the toughest race in the world, with the work of a team to develop a reliable and strong bike, specifically prepared to face the biggest challenge to two wheels that exists today, the Dakar rally.
And for that, the development department of the Salt firm has focused on improving the technical and the aesthetic parts to be robust and compact, a bike able to tackle any situation and terrain conditions, no matter how complicated and impossible they may seem to overcome.

Rugged, compact and lightweight
On the technical side, the chassis part -totally new- as the foremost solution to tackle the hard, long stages of the Dakar, and the punishing terrain of this South American test, for which the new Gas Gas EC 450 Raid also features a new air filter box to preserve at all times the protector of the machine’s worst enemies: sand, dust and water. The new model Gas Gas for raids, incorporates a new lithium battery with high cranking power and quick re-charge, and a new lower 10 liter fuel tank, located in the bottom of the bike, compact and rugged, and which helps lower the center of gravity and, therefore, helping to improve stability. With a total capacity of 30 liters of fuel, the new Gas Gas EC 450 Raid has sufficient autonomy to face any kind of stage. Molded to this new chassis structure is a reliable and powerful single-cylinder four-stroke 450cc liquid-cooled engine, featuring a new exhaust system, more integrated and molded to the sub-frame, thus avoiding potential impacts from rocks or damage in case of a fall

Designed for the desert
As for the suspension, the new Gas Gas relies upon a Marzocchi inverted closed-cartridge 48 mm diameter front fork to absorb the uneven terrain and the experience of the firm Reiger, renowned in the world of raids, mounting the new Reiger B46 shock with intelligent-control compression and rebound valving. A guarantee on any kind of surface.
Lastly, we have thought to better the visibility at night, having added two new powerful headlights to illuminate and improve visibility for riders when night falls or when race conditions worsen in the dust or mist.
Aggressive and seductive image
Even in the technical section, having a more rugged, reliable and compact bike, with the aesthetics the new Gas Gas EC 450 Raid seduces with its beauty and aggressive image, responsible in part by its new front fairing, which in addition to accommodate two powerful lights also incorporates a new transparent windscreen visor, a protection that allows dispersal of the air at high speed and which enhances rapid driving riders. Also changes to the new radiator shrouds, plastics that have three functions: to protect the radiators, the lid of the air filter and the attachment of the front part of the saddle.




Released finally at the Milan show, the all new "Vertigo"----12 time world champion Dougie lampkin has been insrtimental in the development of this new 300cc 6 speed fuel injected machine--together with Manel Jan'e enthusiastic long time trials rider with a company producing baby equipment.
After 2 years of planning and a year of testing and refinement the company choose Dougie to unviel the bike at the milan show.
This fuel injected 2 stroke will be a 300cc with ultra compact engine producing 31hp at 9200rpm. It will have an electronic injection system that allows the rider to choose from 4 maps in each of the 6 gears also using an electric water pump.

Vertigo has produced an exceptionally high tech design bike to meet todays modern demand of trials...we will keep you informed as they progress of the company and bike transpires.




November Trials/Enduro news,

The November issue of Trials & Enduro News is live and ready to read! In this issue, we take a look at the Red Bull City Trials in Manchester, England, as well as the Full Gas Sprint Enduro in South Carolina and the Denver EnduroCross. We also talk to Pat Smage about winning his seventh national MotoTrials championship and what his thoughts are on things like no-stop and riding in Europe. There’s also a cool story about trail riding in Michigan

"CLICK HERE" to view november issue.



2015 Moto Technical Catalog now available!

Lewisportusa is proud to present the all new JITSIE Off Road Action new 2015 Moto Technical Catalog featuring the best trials products from Jitsie, Renthal, Domino, Goldentyre, Surflex, SKF, Tr1al, Braktec, Ariete, Morad, NG, All Balls, Boyesen, TRP, Ollé, Leonelli, Iris and many others.

.........ALL products in these catalogs are available from LEWISPORTUSA.........

To view the catalog, simply click on the link below or visit

Download the Issuu app to easily navigate all Off Road Action catalogs.



PLEASE NOTE--we have been experiencing problems with our e mail( and would like our customers to try an alternative in order to make sure we are not missing your e mails,

please try--

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.



New "R" Racing Shock available only through lewisportsua -- we offer a totally new rear shock for Gas Gas , the new shock features:

FULL 7.5 inch travel (Standard was 6.0 inch)

Features compression / rebound and spring preload adjustments.

Increases reliability ( Remote reservoir)

Increases oil volume (from 90cc to 270cc) this maintains consistent dampening during use because of larger oil volume.

Enables softer settings to spring and dampening for better feel / grip because of the longer travel.

Totally rebuildable --- ALL parts available.

These shocks are built to spec, please call for more info.......$750.00



MUST SEE!-------Danny Macaskill--AWSOME video on the Cuillin Mountain Range..........

The Ridge is the brand new film from Danny Macaskill...For the first time in one of his films he returns to his native home of the Ilse of Skye in Scotland to take on a death - defying ride along the notorius Cuillin Ridgeline.

"Click here" to watch video.



As the Official US importer for MOTing /helmets and products we are pleased to announce the 2015 catalogue-- everything from this catalogue is available from us here at lewisportusa and also several of our dealers around the USA, please call for more information.

"Click Here" to access new catalog.



2015 Beta evo 4t and 2t------dont miss out!!--taking orders now for Nov delivery.




Please note-- LewisportUSA will be closed on Thursday 11th and open again on the Monday 15th--due to our annual Bear Valley Trial that we put on each year.



SALE--10% off--GAS GAS "PRACTICE" Fenders,
Rear $62.95
Please note: We do not stock the stickers for these applications. If you want a fender with stickers, then you need to ask for the "complete" fender which will come with the stickers for your application.




Lewisportusa "special"-- we have built a OSSA 280i based on the old twin shock apricot "gripper" that OSSA produced back in 1980/81.

This bike is now for sale --if anyone is interested please call our shop--209 7856 6878




We have aquired some excellent value rear shocks for the Gas Gas .... We have about ten of these. THEY DO NOT HAVE adjustable dampening. They are OLLE brand, OEM on the "School / ECO" model in 2013 and will fit 2000 onwards txt / pro--retail is $299.00



Complete pictures of the 2015 OSSA TR and Expolrer--

2015 TR




Cool video from "Penrith" UK FIM world round.

"CLICK HERE" to watch video




Lewisportusa are very pleased to have Harry Oswald working with us for the 2014 /15 season, Harry will be contending as many Nats as possible in 2015 as well as contending the enduro cross season.

He will also be riding the SACTO pits club events for 2014/15

Harry was one of our youth team riders a few years ago and it is great to have him back onboard with us again.




And the new Sherco!


80 - 125 ST
The Sherco Trial 80 and 125 C.C. series are provided to show that Sherco has a clear commitment to build future champions. The cycle part is the same as the older sisters and the high performance engines are efficient and robust to ensure extended use without fatigue. Young riders can perform trial with the new ST series that combine a practical basis for entertainment along with learning and meeting great sporting challenges that are guaranteed with Sherco. The ST 80 and 125 series are the first step in the school for future champions.

  • New piston and cylinder head (80 ST)
  • Surflex R Clutch (125 ST)
  • Improved performance at low speed
  • New crankshaft bearings for the RS
  • The interior of the muffler has been redesigned

250 - 290 - 300 ST
No limits for the new 2015 ST. The objective of the new Sherco trials range is to offer a bike that will satisfy every fan, and allow you to enjoy the most daring and the most demanding challenges of competitions or excursions. Its range of engines, from the brilliant 250 to the strong 300, provide you with endless possibilities, offering the rider the opportunity to decide where you want to go. Sherco trials bikes are ideally suited to cross areas of water, thanks to the unique filter system and a frame that provides unmatched maneuverability and balance.

  • New muffler with complete redesign of the interior
  • Surflex R clutch (300 ST)
  • New suspension settings
  • Chassis 100% constructed of Cr-Mo
  • New CDI programming
  • Optimization of the thermodynamics



The all new Gas Gas TXT range for 2015,

Gas Gas is committed to minimalism in their new range of 2015 TXT Racing. Attention to every detail of the TXT 125/250/280/300 striving to go beyond perfection. This renewal comes from the base, with a new TXT 80 that will delight its users and a smaller 125 cc engine which has been redesigned to become the cornerstone of reference in this segment, a motorcycle capable of overcoming any obstacle. Gas Gas breathes trial into products for all ages. The secret lies in the constant desire to improve a brand that is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary.

TXT 125/250/280/300, minimalism in search of perfection The minimalism in the changes results in endless improvements throughout the TXT 125/250/280/300 range, quality products with high performance. Thus, the list begins with the hands and feet. New handlebars (handlebar grips and handlebar protector) and new footrests for a range incorporating the advice and extensive experience of its riders to favor good posture on the bike, improving the "grip" and using the lightest and strongest materials on the market

The new Spal cooling fan allows more space in the cylinder head area, greater ventilation and a more secure attachment between the fan motor and the radiator. Three big improvements in one. The result of the progress in this regard, the 2015 TXT Racing range features a new electrical wiring loom, with a shorter overall length and smaller cable connectors, designed for easy maintenance. The electrical system and the flywheel/magneto became independent with two new fully waterproof connectors located in the engine area. Closely related to the electrical system, the electrical components have been rearranged. Thus, the new mount linking the CDI, coil and regulator optimizes the space under the fuel tank and simplifies installation and servicing while also implementing a single regulator.

Perfection lies in the details and the incorporation of new kick-start pedal and new water pump revolve around this idea. The new pedal is easy to disassemble and has been studied to the last detail in terms of its length, and a new water pump with sealing system that completely eliminates any possibility of the mixing of fluids and is easy to maintain. The new intake manifold for the Keihin carburetor simplifies assembly, and in turn, increases engine performance, the benchmark in the world of trial.

Small improvements large projection

The list of improvements is endless for the 2015 TXT Racing. For this model, a new design of the ignition cover gives it a more modern look while aligning the aesthetics with the sister ranges of trial and enduro. While tapered Allen screws on the bottom of the sump-guard facilitate the sliding of the bike, so important in some areas of trial. The TXT Racing models are intended for trial practice at all levels and also for easy maintenance by the user, and in our desire to improve, we have modified even the mounting of the exhaust pipe for easy access to the screws securing it to the cylinder. And one last improvement, a speedometer that is designed for the most used elements of the trial sport, we have downsized the casing and incorporated a philosophy of design specifically for this specialty.

TXT 125, the new benchmark of this segment

Gas Gas has devoted special efforts to renew the TXT 125 for you. The teenage brand features enhancements inherited from her older sisters. However, we at Gas Gas wanted to go beyond simply revisions of the heart of the machine. And now, the engine, and especially the response will leave nothing to envy from the rest of the field.

The TXT 125 underwent a radical change and it does so from within. In its evolution, the new TXT 125 incorporates a new cylinder head, both inside and outside, the new thermodynamics for the cylinder with a “look” that is consistent with the whole family. The new ignition system, with a new CDI, a widely-tested component, the Keihin carburetor adds to this list of the new 125, a bike with the torque and power that everyone expects to become the point of reference for this engine size.

Incorporating a new crankshaft, specific for this engine, allowed adjusting and in turn incorporating many improvements: crankcases with resetting of the pre-charge, new primary driven gear, new clutch cover to accommodate the new water pump on the outside, making the TXT 125 the best choice in the eighth-liter category in trial.

Sometimes the great successes are based on the simplicity of the changes and this, without going any further, is the case of the TXT 80. Lowering the platform of the TXT Racing 125, with smaller front and rear components for the smaller and the youngest, the new TXT 80 is a smaller-scale bike derived from those of large-scale champions. It is a completely new bike that is born to become the benchmark in its segment.

Gas Gas has spared no resources for the smaller class. The new 2015 TXT 80 incorporates a new 80 cc engine, directly inherited from the engines that have won many professional national and global trial titles, having been earned by our brand with three decades of success behind them. Among the most notable specific improvements are the primary drive and specific thermodynamics with a new cylinder, cylinder head, piston and exhaust pipe curve. And, when we announced a major transformation, this was not in vain. The unification of the components of the chassis of the small TXT 80 with the adult range is complete, with not only the chassis, but also the exhaust and the silencer, as well as the air box and fuel tank.

Adapting the TXT 80 for younger riders involved the incorporation of specific components, among which the swing-arm is smaller, the front suspension is shorter with smaller diameter stanchions, the wheels are 17 "and 19" – and the rear shock absorber with a more sensitive spring -, plus the footrests are ideally suited to the position of the youngest riders.

Improvements and adjustments aimed at making the Gas Gas TXT 80 the greatest among the small, and the most outstanding student in its class.

TXT Racing 2015
• New handlebar
• New handlebar grips
• New handlebar protector
• New SPAL cooling fan motor
• Monoblock front brake caliper
• Michelin X-11 tires
• Improved connection of the exhaust pipe
• New water pump
• New kick-start pedal
• New magneto cover
• New footrests
• Autostand rear brake caliper
• Rear sprocket is FIM with auto-cleaning
• Reorganized electrical components
• New electrical wiring loom
• New intake manifold for the Keihin carburetor
Only for the 125cc
• New cylinder head (interior and exterior)
• Keihin carburetor with new intake manifold
• Revised cylinder tuning
• New crankshaft (engine cases, clutch cover, crank bearings, crank seals, primary driven gear and nut)
• New magneto flywheel and CDI
New TXT 80cc
• New engine: Crankshaft, engine cases, clutch cover, etc...
• Changes to the primary drive, water pump and kick-start pedal
• New thermal-dynamics TXT 80: Cylinder, piston, and head
• New exhaust pipe
• New handlebar
• New specific brake and clutch handles
• New front suspension and Ollé rear shock
• Unification of the components of the motorcycle with the TXT range: Chassis, intermediate and final exhaust, airbox and fuel tank.




New 2015 JGAS pictures-- more info soon!



Domino "White" dual compound grips back in stock-- these are very popular-- dual compound, good wearing grip that add a touch of unique individuality to any trials bike,---$24.95



New JITSIE T2"FLOW" helmets available here!



Cool video of the "Electric Motion 5.7" debut at the French championships .

"CLICK HERE" to watch



New MOTS-- Team LewisportUSA/OssaUSA shirts---pants to follow soon!



LewisportUSA are now able to offer our customers a new Carbon fiber end cap for the 2011 and on Gas Gas.

This end cap is simply a work of art--gorgeous finish and enhances the look of any bike---also eliminates the melting problem often associated with the plastic OEM end cap.

Many other parts for other brands will be available here soon--watch this space!



New "Factory OSSA 300i ---orders now being taken!

The clover brand introduces its 2014 flagship: The Factory R comes this year more prepared than ever, releasing new components and refining the set, now more Racing and exclusive.Features:

  • Powerful and progressive 300cc engine with Termignoni exhaust and dual injection map
  • Tech Suspension front fork with antifriction treatment
  • Ergal machined fork clamps, lighter than standard and with improved turning angle
  • New wheels
  • New Braktec front brake and clutch Racing pumps
  • New Braktec Racing front brake caliper
  • Racing skid plate
  • Regina chain
  • OSSA green frame
  • Racing Replica graphics with glossy / matt plays
  • Coolant hoses in OSSA green 
  • Racing machined rear sprocket
  • New front brake hose guide



Cool 20 min video of 2014 FIM X-Trial World Championship - Milan Indoor

"Click here to watch"



Just in-- dust boots for ajp master cylinders-- finnally we do not have to buy the whole rebuild kit when we loose the dust seal and plunger!--available in red and black.



Cool 20 min video of the French indoor-(Marseille)--2014 FIM x-trial world championship,




Nice video of RAGA practicing courtesy Sergio-- "click here"



New helmet coming soon from Jitsie--



Special offers from LewisportUSA / Gas Gas




Our special liquidation price (In cooperation with the GASGAS factory)


(The normal price for a set like this is at least $1414.30)

NOTE : As shown in the images below, this does not include tires, brake discs, or rear sprocket.

If you need the brake disc rotors and rear sprocket, we have those as well.



These are the 32 spoke version with the new design turnbuckle spokes and this TUBELESS REAR WHEEL does not use a rubber rim sealing-band. This design insures a perfect seal of your tubeless rear tire, and these rear wheels will fit all GASGAS Pro from 2002 to present. (It may also fit other brands of trials motorcycles that use this wheel configuration)

These are simply leftover from production, these are not rejects or seconds! The spokes are black. (See attached image files)

The rear wheel fits every model of GASGAS Pro from 2002 to present.

BUT please note: The front wheel fits only the 40mm Marzocchi front suspension.

(ALL 40mm MARZOCCHI equipped Trials TXT models from 2004 to present) This is only because the front wheel bearing interior diameter (i. d.)is larger starting in 2004. NO, you cannot put the smaller bearings for the older bikes into this hub, the machining of the interior of the hub is different.-

BUT, If you have a 2003 or older Pro and you want to buy a set of wheels at this price, please contact us via telephone and we can see if we can match an older-type front wheel into a set for you at this same price.

In this offer, we have black color rim wheel-sets that are OEM on the 2013 GasGas RACING model, and we have Titanium color rim wheel-sets that were OEM in 2011 TXT production.

(These sets are all made of identical components, except for the actual rim color)

NOTE ABOUT THE TITANIUM COLOR SETS: We will do our very best to color match the titanium rim sets, but there are slight tint differences with this type of anodizing.


Many riders, especially those in the upper skill-levels of our sport jump at the chance to have a second wheel set for a good price. Not only is it an easy way to get back into the Trial after a flat tire, but the competition Michelin rear tires are very expensive. Think of the fact that a person can have a "practice" wheel set with worn tires and a competition wheel set with sharp new tires. For a rider who practices a lot, with the high prices for Michelins, in tire savings alone, this wheel set may quickly pay for itself. And the peace of mind for those who seriously compete, to have a backup set of wheels to quickly overcome any wheel related problem during the heat of competition by simply doing a five minute wheel-swap and get back out there into the competition.

Additionally, PLEASE NOTE that this is the new style rear wheel rim without a rim-band! So, you can end forever the leaking rear tire and rim-band hassle. All of these advantages in one easy step or simply update an older Gas Gas PRO.



New sticker kits available for BETA and GAS GAS-----"Perfect stocking filler!"



Nice video from Sergio of Raga training.





Just in--new jitsie EXTRA wide alloy footpegs--unlike most alloy pegs that slowly go dull and loose there edge over time these alloy extra wide pegs ( 60mm! ) have replaceable steel pins (come with spares)--available in black / red & blue--- $129.95



New MOTS Tool Fanny pack---in stock now!







New MOTS gloves and tie stock--call for de tails....




New MOTS catalogue-- all items now available --call for pricing.

"click here" to go to MOTS catalogue



Couple of cool videos, some trials from the UK and europe.

"Click here for..2013 NORTH BERKS SUPERTRIAL HIGHLIGHTS-saturday" (courtesy Kingtrials)

"Click here for..2013 NORTH BERKS SUPERTRIAL HIGHLIGHTS-sunday " (courtesy Kingtrials)

"Click here for --Teaser Trial Ancelle Championnat de France"




New OSSA lewis port screen printed t,s --100% cotton--$19.95

Ossa lewisportusa embroidered fleece--$165.00

Ossa lewisportusa embroidered polos--$29.95



New RED Gas Gas frame protectors-- same red as frame so that they are not so noticeable as the carbon look ones-- in stock now!



Cool new "Raga" training video--

"click here for adam-raga-training-camp"



NEW LEWISPORTUSA "T",s---all sizes --100% cotton good quality t,s--$17.95 each, black or gray .



New economy shock for Gas Gas models.

DESCRIPTION - A new and very high quality aluminum-body aftermarket rear shock absorber. (Made in Spain by ollé )  
APPLICATION - This will fit all GasGas Pro models as well as the TXT models beginning in the year 2000. As well as all of the Edition TXT models in 2002, 2003, and 2004.  
PRICE - Retail price of $399.00 for the complete shock. We have them in stock now.  
TECHNICAL DETAILS - They come with the spring as shown and are adjustable in compression and rebound dampening. (Equal adjustment, not separately) This absorber has steel heim joints in both ends with the correct bushings for mounting. (Not the inferior rubber heim bushings)  








Many of our customers are not aware of our very extensive "MANUALS" page, here you can find part numbers for most all modern trials bikes along with some extremely good information / videos on anything from general maintenance to specific tasks on specific brands---look for the "MANUALS" tab on the left or "CLICK HERE" to go straight there.

Also, when ordering OEM parts it helps us a lot if you can give us part numbers to avoid confusion.





The new S3 catalogue --- "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD CATALOGS" Remember--everything in the catalogue is available through LEWISPORTUSA




PRICING: While we try our hardest to keep the posted prices up to date, prices are not guaranteed. ALL prices are subject to change at any time.... please CALL for up to date pricing! With so many of our items being imported, there are a lot of variables that can change our cost.....

And a reminder..... we not only sell all our items retail, but also have special dealer pricing. Call for details.