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The all new 2019 Factory "R" edition...125 / 250 / 300cc

Vertigo Motors is delighted to present the new, limited edition, Vertigo, Vertical, Model R. This new racing model is available in 125, 250 and 300cc versions. Each of these versions have been subject to a meticulous technical development, so as to ensure the bike is even more refined and advanced than ever before. This new model, takes the already most technically advanced and revolutionary trials bike on the market, to a whole new level & into an entire class of its own. If you demand the ultimate in quality, advanced technology & performance-Then this in the bike for you.

New Racing Throttle Body: This gives a much faster and even more precise throttle response, throughout the rev range.
New Sub Chassis: Greater rigidity & clearance for the fan. New Cylinder Head: With improved combustion chamber. Weight of bike: 68kgs

All New Lightweight Chassis: For a more agile and controlled ride, whilst saving 800g over the standard frame. New Camo Graphics & Chassis Colour Scheme: Give an aggressive new look to the bike, which compliments perfectly the classic Vertigo Factory green.

Complete Redesign Of The Clutch: Allowing for an even lighter, more responsive & precise feeling. Providing even the most demanding riders, the ultimate feeling of control at their finger tip.
S3 Red Anodised Clutch & Brake Adjusters: Allow instant fine tuning of your Controls. New Throttle Cable Adjuster: Fine tune your throttle at the handlebar.
Carbon Fibre Engine Case Guards: Added protection for the engine cases, whilst adding to the overall racing look of the bike.

New Tech Factory Forks: Give maximum precision and responsive feedback to the rider. While the gold finish adds to the racing look. New Reiger 3 Way Rear Shock: Provides even smoother & more controlled Suspension travel, as well as improved traction & stability in all conditions.

- New Flywheel Weight Kit 366g: Allows the power delivery of the bike to be even smoother & more controlled, helping to optimise drive and traction in all conditions. - New Radiator Design & New Fan: Improves airflow & cooling, whilst being more resistant to heavy impacts. - New Silencer Guard Spacers: Give the rider more precision & control when manoeuvring the bike. - Lanyard Type kill Switch: Competition ‘ready to race’ feature. - Ultra Light, Billet Machined, Triple Clamps: With anodised red finish. - Renthal handle bars & grips.


Introducing The 2019 Combat Vertical....125 / 250 / 300cc


2019 "TITANIUM R"...250/300cc (Only 40 production units)

MINI VANDAL--16"x 50cc...20"x 65cc




Powerful, light weigt and versatiel.

Expertly designed for pleasure and performance.

Starting from a blank canvas it has been possible to create the perfect bike.

The basic principles were clear, lightweight, powerful and versatile, after that it was important to include reliability, size and its absolute Trial pedigree.

To ensure reliability, all the components (gearbox, starter, water pump, chassis, etc.) have been thoroughly tested in the toughest conditions for over two years.

As for the size, this was a critical point, because the smaller it could be the easier it would be to control, change direction and ride in a dynamic way in order to have the ability to conquer more difficult sections.

The use of specially designed fan, radiator, water pump and compact engine has really helped to reduce the overall dimensions of the Combat.

The engine performance of Combat Vertical is truly spectacular, 31 hp at 9200 rpm combined with the impressive torque and power delivery provided throughout, allowing confidence to be high to tackle even the most demanding terrain.

The 6-speed gearbox includes 4 Trial related ratios with the top 2 gears designed specifically for the road or trails (top speed limited to 110 km / h). Each gear is perfectly suited to cover all situations. All gears have 4 different and unique injection maps to provide an endless array of power options.

The revolutionary chas - sis combines two types of materials to create a lightness and stiffness like never before. The overall weight of just under 65 kg can be reduced further to 62 kg using the Powerparts option.

By having the fuel tank in a low central position fuel load plays no part in chan - ging the feel or operation of the bike, and furthermore it is hidden from damage. The large capacity airbox, located at the highest part of the bike ensures a cool and clean air intake to provide consistent performance.

The suspension is designed to be used both for pleasure and performance, and offers an incredible level of traction.

The large diameter clutch diaphragm delivers a smooth and progressive action, giving the rider good control and instant action when the need arises. The simple and clean lines with the high level finish of all the components shouts innovation and perfection.

The overall effect is to create a Trial bike, as was the original goal, at the next level.


Experience and passion define the basis of the Vertigo brand. Vertigo has arisen from the strong desire to drive the evolu-tion of Trial bikes to a new level.

Vertigo grew from the idea of creating a bike to match the passion that existed within the team. The project was born with no restrictions or limits, nothing was beyond reach to ensure that the absolute goal was realised.

To achieve the best, you must have the best resources. Vertigo combined the best technical team, the best designers, the best riders, the most enthusi - astic end users and the best professionals in each and every department. Although their skills were diverse, they shared the same experience and passion. Vertigo sought the best in design, technology, innovation and research in pursuit of excellence.

Equally important, the Vertigo dream is to deliver a different experience, building a community of customers and friends, where together we can share and enjoy the common passion that exists.

The Vertigo Club will offer the unique opportunity for customers to ride and train in an exclusive members only private practice area, reserved for you and other Vertigo riders. The Vertigo dream, passion and experience have been at the heart of our inspiration, initially, now and always.

The first bike from Vertigo offers just the start of all these concepts:

The VERTICAL: Powerful, light - weight and versatile. Expertly designed for pleasure and performance.

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ENGINE TYPE 2 stroke engine, 300 CC, (250,280,125 soon)

EFI last generation of ECU engine control and management.

POWER 31 HP / 9200 rpm torque and power are controlled by the ECU, depending on the driver engine map selection and gear engaged.

TORQUE 4,9 Kg.m / 4500 rpm GEARBOX 6 speed gear, 4 gear trials developed, each one ECU controlled max. speed 115 km / h

CLUTCH oil weet multidisc 134mm diameter diaphragm RADIATOR V special design, adapted to frame shape maximum air intake capacity, high warm dissipation

ECU ENGINE CONTROL UNIT Vertigo design, controlling: gear ppsotion, engine temp, humidity, pressure, gas pump, water pump, radiator function, electr timming 24 different maps capacity, 4 gear maps for pilot

ENGINE CONTROL SENSORS integrated injection driver integrated starter driver barrel gear sensor, can control each gear engaged the engine maps are adjusted for every gear protocal can 2.0 B crankshaft position sensor this allows the ECU to adjust very accurately the timing for injection and ignition PWM pump water control electrical water pump and fun control allows the ECU to control the water temperature, regardless the pilot does and engine rpm engine fun control sensor

BATTERY LiFePo4 de 2.1 Ah i 13,2 V necessary to ensure that all the system gets the electrical power needed in every moment

POWERBOX ECU Vertigo design control all the electrical power, save all the components from short circuit manifold Stainless steel

WEIGHT 66 kg FRAME 25CRMO4 steel + aluminum 6082 high flexibility from steel multitubular combined by rigidity at some required areas from aluminum frame

SWING ARM cast aluminum pivoting points arm, 2 pivot swivel points swing arm less weight, improving swing movement, easiest maintenance front

SUSPENSION Tech Alu black long travel suspension, high performance adjustable shock absorber

REAR SUSPENSION monoshock/ swing arm, Vertigo special swing arm combined with multiregulation REIGER monoshock long travel suspension, high performance adjustable shock absorber

FRONT MUDGUARD double injection, PPR / TPR combined components soft areas were required to improve mudguard function

REAR MUDGUARD double injection, PPR / TPR combined components soft areas were required to improve mudguard function

AIRBOX high capacity upper airbox, 1,1l capacity, airbox on top fresh and cleaner intake air, upper position to improve waterproof condition

GAS TANK HIGH CAPACITY LOW CG, 2,7l capacity, low and centered Gravity Center position perfect balance of weight, less or more weight does not affect balance on general weight, constant bike performance

GAS CAP COVER PPR Clip Cover, PPR Cover over gas tank cap bayonet type clean and safe area from dirty and water, easy to refill.

EXHAUST MUFFLER , symmetric and centered silencer very low weight and power / torque response

Handlebar S3

Rim Morad Crankcase Aluminum

Rear axle Standard excentric


COMBAT Titanium R