Alexz Wigg, 2006 FIM World Youth Cup Champion
Sam Haslam, British Expert Champion
Frank Raines Park, CA   12/2-3/06

School photos

What a great weekend !

Saturday we held a school for the our Californian Youth team riders and Sunday was a general trials school for various level riders. 

Saturday Riders:  Colton Haaker, Harry Oswald, Kris Weber,  Evan Monighan, Jason Kroeplin, Daniel Leavitt, Clive Belvoir, Rob O’Niell.

Sunday Riders:  Dave Bostrom, Dwayne Reid, Jim Mcloud,  Brandon O’Niell, Jeff Nango, Andy Bychauski, Kristian Thordarson, Steve Monighan.

The school was held at Frank Raines Park, an off road vehicle recreational area situated in  Northern California.

A  beautiful California December weekend with  blue skies and sunshine made for  perfect riding !

 Saturday started with a slightly higher level than Sunday with most of the Team being Advanced to Expert Level.  Alexz and Sam quickly set sections to ascertain the level of each rider and thereafter basics were worked on and individual skills were improved within the section.  They made the section progressively harder as riders became comfortable.    It quickly became apparent that a harder section was needed and Alexz and Sam moved everyone to a creek section where the level was turned up.  At first, everyone thrashed through the section quickly, making many mistakes.  After a demonstration from the boys on how it should be ridden everyone began to calm down and really work hard at improving each ride.   A quick lunch stop and out again this time, no water just big rocks!  Several variations of the section were made to accommodate all the riders and once again, after correct tuition everyone had a successful ride.   The day was finished with a very impressive demonstration of Alexz and Sam’s riding ability showing everyone exactly how it should be done and what it takes to make World Championship riders.

Sunday, the day started with some basic training to ascertain the level of riders attending the class.  Alexz and Sam soon got things moving, and made sections accordingly; nice simple flowing sections with the basic skills of turning, body position, loading and unloading suspension.    Soon riders grasped that there was more to trials than just riding up one obstacle.   Riders were taught by both Sam and Alexz  throughout every section.   After the basics, they moved on to a more challenging creek section where everyone was put through their paces.  This section started with most riders riding erratically but with expert supervision from Alexz and Sam soon began to improve.  Both riders showed the class how it should be ridden and everyone noted how calm and precise they were when they were riding.   After a short lunch stop we moved on to even more challenging terrain with steep climbs, rock steps and drop offs.  Many of the riders got a chance to ride a harder level of section than they were used to, and improvements were achieved by all.   The day ended again with a demonstration from Sam & Alexz.

Another successful days tuition with everyone going home thoroughly exhausted and very impressed and inspired!

Both boys worked together extremely well and conducted  excellent schools, giving constant feedback and instruction to each rider.  Not only do they ride at World Championship level but are also very capable teachers.   We thank them both for this great opportunity and recommend if given the chance you attend one!