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2015 OSSA TR300I "FACTORY RACE" model,, Fuel Injection, around 25hours, Ready to ride,Exceptional Value $6299---REDUCED TO--- $5600 ------11/1/17

Call: D LaPorta 850-602-4305


2007 Gas Gas pro 300 RAGA edition, This super clean trials bike is in great condition and has responsive power. Comes with nice protectors and extra levers.The back tire is in excellent shape. The front tire has cracking, but holds air and doesn,t affect performance.Overall this is a well maintained bike to get out and ride.----contact;Rob Barr--e mail; rb2hangloose@yahoo.com---tel or text ; 209-743=8573 (Sonora CA)


2014 OSSA TR injection 250cc, one careful owner, GREAT beginer bike, slow throttle, lower gearing, ARC folding levers, Jitsie aluminium wide foot pegs with steel inserts. Almost new rear tire, Gold DID chain,

Exceptional value at $3750

Call, Sam Singer, (860) 334-4816