Due to popular demand, here is a photo page of some of the interesting bikes we run across !

Do YOU have a cool bike? Send us your photo!



A great BSA Otter 350
Ridden in the Mid-Atlantic
Trials Series by
Kerry Kubena of PA.


The Telford Show, UK
Lots of Photos!

A Nice TLM260R
from the UK

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Philip Temple's (UK)
Del Orto carb
Majesty alloy tank
WES Exhaust
Rock Shocks
TY mono forks
1" extended swingarm
Electronic ignition

Photo 1   Photo 2

From Carlo in Italy...

OSSA with a Cheney frame,
reed valve, and brakes and tank from the UK.

One   Two   Three

Also his CCM

The Red Bull/Raga
Silent Project

Fantic 300

Paul Burgess'
Fantic 300


Lewisport Interesting Penton

A Penton Mudlark
Brad Newell, Owner
Ron Carbaugh, Restorer

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VM Speedway bike

A 1938 Victor Martin
Speedway Bike

Very rare!

A Beta Top Trial Team
bike for 2011

Paul Davies'
(Cambs Trials Center, in the UK) very trick
OSSA 280i

one      two

A couple Sherco/Montesa
and Cota315/4RT


Stephen Oliver
Non Stop Adventures
New Zealand

Computer models of a new bike from Jordi Tarres...
the JTG

Another 4RT from Valter
in Italy

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Page on the development
of the new OSSA.

Max's Gas Gas

Max Nelson's
Gas Gas

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A 1971 Montesa Cota 25

Restored by Jay Gaard of
Cedar Falls, IA.  It's in

the Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, IA

A Merlin belonging to
Jon Payne of Ducati Seattle

Right   Left

A few Mecateco Photos
Check Out the Wheels!

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Tom Stowers 1948 BSA
ZB32 350 Gold Star

Left   Right   Motor

A couple of Reflex's

The one in the foreground has
1000 miles on it, unrestored.

Jay Gaard, Cedar Falls, IA

An unusual Montesa
sidehack from
our Classifieds page

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A Champ TLR 213 from the UK


Right   Left   
Right Front  
 Left Motor   Right Motor

An RTL from Valter in Italy

Lotsa photos

A TTY 125R  from
Serge Lepine

Right   Left

Some nice 4RT's from Valter in Italy

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five   six   seven   eight


Another of Valter's
Creatures from Italy

Mike Pearce's TLR250
with a trick frame

Right     Left     Right_2

Ian from the UK has a
couple very nice
210cc Whitehawks

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A unique Raga Monster

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three     four


A page on the
future(?) OSSA

A nice TLR250F
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Dale Davis' 1974
250 VR Capra

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  4      5      6  

Photo 1   Photo 2

A fantastic collection
Hondas from Italy.
Some are one-of-a-kind!

A Reflex from a Canadian friend
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One of our seat/tank units in action!

Dale Davis' 1974 Cota

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Not an old bike......

Right   Left   Right rear
Left rear   Forkbrace

An old page on the
new Greeves

Nick Turner's Husky
Yup, it'll be raced!
1    2

Javier Conde's
Guzzi '77 Stornello

A nice Bultaco Matador

Right     Left

Conny Gustafsson's
'97 Fantic Section

Right   Left

Photos from a Honda rally in Europe
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Bob Doyle's 4RT

One   Two

A TLM 260 from
Patrice Duchesne, France
1   2   3

Dave Dawson's Fantic 240
In the UK
1   2   3

An RTL belonging to
Dave Barron
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Another bike of Dave's,
a pre-65 Sprite
1   2

Dave Carl's
Ossa MAR
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Trick '07 Gas Gas 125 "Race"
John France, of
Torne Mt. Trialsport
Overview   Tank

Photos from the folks at the Aspen Cafe (follow the "Racing" link) in the French Alps.
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Chris Stevens'
TLR Honda
1   2   3   4

A Mecatecno

Joan Forrellad's RS200T
Barcelona, Spain
Photos  1   2   3   4

A nice Majesty 200

A couple concepts from
well-known Italian designer
Justyn Norek

An '88 RTL from
Patrice Duchesne in

Right   Left



An '89 RTL from
Patrice Duchesne in

Right   Left

Paul Master's Electric
Much more info here



A TL from Chris at
Classic Trial in the UK

An '88 RTL


TWO RTL's from Patrice in France
One   Two

Tony Down's
Rothman's Honda
Left   Right

Another RTL

A very interesting

Paul Nixon (UK)
CCM four-banger
Right Rear Front

Tony's Stable of

V-Mar GG200

V-Mar's Trick
Gas Gas 200

Tony Down's Yamaha 320 "Blackcat" Majesty Project
Before After Rt  After Left


An '89 RTL Twin-disk
from Paul at Track and Trial, UK
Photo 1   Photo 2

Tony's TLR260R
Right  Left
Rt. motor  Lf. motor


Another Honda from Paul
Photo 1   Photo 2

A great restored
Yamaha TYZ
by Tony Down
Right  Left  Tank

Another of Tony's bikes
2005 AZ Vintage Champ

Photo 1  Photo 2

Another TY....
Tony's, off course!

Photo 1   Photo 2

One of Tony's TY175's
Photo 1  Photo 2

Tony's Ossa
Larger photo

Tony's alloy TY
Photo 1   Photo 2

A TY175 in red...
Last years' AZ Twin-Shock

Photo 1   Photo 2

Tony's TY SSDT Replica
Photo 1   Photo 2

A heavily modified Honda

A pretty Bul

A Fantic 50cc
prototype (11/2005)
Photo 1   Photo 2

4-stroke Pampera

A TLM 'Pentax' Honda

Right closeup
Left motor
Right motor

OSSA Grippers


A different one, Right
Left Closeup 1
Closeup 2 Closeup 3

A "TY20"

A "Rothmans" Honda

Photo page

An RTL 250 Honda, 1989

A TLR Honda

A nice-looking RTL

The "OSET"

Courtesy of Ian Smith


A nice Cota315 tricked out
with Mitani parts

An Armstrong sidehack
with quite a history


Xispa, a 50cc from Spain

A Kawasaki KT250


An '87 RTL
in Sweden

Chrome frame, Gas Gas wheels, disk brake by Nigel Birkett

Gas Gas '05
That we tricked out....

Bob Doyle's 4RT with
Japanese RTL fenders

James Wipff's tricked-out
carbon-fiber 4RT

2005 'HONTESA' 4RT Montesa decals removed. Honda RTL250F fenders with HRC and Repsol stickers, carbon fibre muffler guard and air box covers, 44 tooth rear sprocket, black handlebars

one two three four



Another tricked-out