The 2013 OSSA TR 280i


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OSSA has developed a trials bike based on a new, highly innovative concept.


The 2012 "Factory".

New graphics, Termignoni exhaust, high-compression head, and race mapping.

Special order only.



We have basically worked on redistributing the various parts of the bike logically in terms of the weight distribution and other conditioning factors such as some of the parts’ running temperature.


One of these aspects is locating the filter box in a very high, easily accessible position.


Parts such as the fuel tank, air filter box and radiator have been positioned with the needs of a trial bike in mind. This has been done rationally, with common sense and a clear objective: to make the new OSSA TR 280i a benchmark for this specialty, just as the first MAR – Mike Andrews Replica – was in 1972.


"Having the air filter at the bottom of a trials bike with the fuel tank high up or located next to the exhaust are concepts that do not make sense from our point of view" says Xiu, the project manager.


The fact that the new TR 280i has an electronic-injection system has enabled its engineers to redistribute various parts without being constrained by the position of the traditional carburetor.


“Sometimes the injection system has been put in the same place as the carburettor would have gone, with the fuel tank at the top of the bike, without considering the option of finding a new position for it. OSSA Factory let me start from scratch and that was a determining factor in taking on this project” said Xiu.



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Factory video by Sergio


Some graphics Lewisport's done for the new bike


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