Online parts diagrams for the Cota 315 and 4RT

2009 4RT Parts List (pdf)

2005 4RT Parts List (pdf)

Here a couple tech tips on the Cota 315.

We can get whatever you need !

TRP Spring for shock on 97-07 Montesa
Available in 3 spring rates -
10% softer for riders - 80kg
standard replacement
10% harder for riders +80kg
Price --$139.00

TRP Complete Shock on 97-07 Montesa
These complete shocks will make a tremendous difference! See the Suspension Page for details.

V-Mar Montesa Rear Brake Pedal

Fits 4RT and Cota 315
It is smaller and tucks behind the clutch casing and therefore eliminates nearly all chances of bending and breakage!   $149.95 now with hardware.

Lewisport Lift Kit

Very economical!


V-Mar Suspension Upgrade

These replacement rear shock linkages are designed to give the rear end of the Montesa a slight lift, and slightly stiffer feel. It eliminates the rear end sag and gives the bike a more lively rear suspension. This gives you improved 'hop' without sacrificing the excellent rear end traction. CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and black anodized. Installed on a Repsol Replica 4RT

Fits all Montesas from 1997-2005 including the new 4RT.

V-mar Brake Hose Clamp

4RT or Cota 315

This trick little piece mounts to the front fork and clamps the front brake line in place. It can be placed on top of the fender mounting plate on most bikes, or it can be placed under the fender mounting plate to raise up the front fender (see the description for the fender spacers, below). Sold individually or as a set with three fender spacers and four new bolts.

Clamp only $24.95
Clamp with 3 spacers $34.95

V-mar Fender Spacers

4RT or Cota 315

In muddy or gravel conditions the front fender on the Montesa sits a bit too close to the tire.This set of spacers raises the front fender about 10mm. The kit comes with 4 spacers and 4 new longer bolts.

These will fit most bikes, but the Montesa is the bike that really needs the fender raised up.

Spacers and bolts $14.95