Gas Gas Muffler End Cap

For 2011 on. Replace that melting plastic cap with this
high-quality Carbon fibre piece.

May be fitted with an extended tip (not included)
for spark arrester attachment.


Lewisport Gas Gas muffler tip

Gas Gas Muffler Tip

Another product from Lewisport!
For later Gas Gas bikes fitted with the new style muffler.
Makes it easy to put on a spark arrester.
Sized exactly, machined from aluminum, it fits like the stock end piece.

$35.00 (spark arrester not included)


Beta Header Pipe by Bosi / Arrow

Uses the standard EVO muffler, improving the bottom and with a nice crisp sound!


Distributed by Jitsie

New! Arrow Titanium Pipes

Beta: As used by the Top Trial Team, this is the best that money can buy.
Available to order for the 125, 250/290 and the 4T

Gas Gas: Better bottom power with a smoother power delivery and look at those welds! The quality and finish of the product is just amazing. They are available for the 125, the 250/280 and the 300.

Click images for better view.


BOSI Exhaust for the Beta EVO
Complete system !
Call for details.

S3 Titanium Header Pipes for 2-strokes

Now for the Jotagas !
Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4

New! For the Beta EVO.
*** A short pipe for the 125, much better response, can be used with Exhaust Compressor for better low rpm, very powerfull on high RPM.
*** A long pipe for the 250 and 290, better engine response, engine very progressive, good sound, NO fiber inside ( no problem of fiber burning or changing sound)
Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4 

These pipes dimensionally mimic the pipes used by the top riders  They are a fraction of the weight of the stock pipe and an absolute work of art !  Available for 125's and 250's.

Sherco / Scorpa / Gas Gas long / Gas Gas short  $375.00
Beta EVO, long or short $335
Reducer for Sherco 125's  $28.00

Gas Gas Adam Raga Titanium Header Pipe

Gas Gas PRO Models. Available in "long" or "short" model.

Short pipe weighs 415.5gr (0.916 US pounds)
Long pipe weighs 460gr (1.014 US pounds)

The OEM exhaust pipe weighs 949gr (2.09 US pounds)



Titanium Headers for 4-strokes

Montesa 4RT  $335
Sherco 4T   $375


Header Pipe for the 4RT by Mitani

Titanium 2mm Larger diameter, loads of power!
Bolt-on, use the stock heat shield or the Mitani carbon fiber shield shown below --$228.00
On the bike
Comparison w/stock


4RT Spark Arrestor
The new Montesa 4RT has a different muffler end cap-- here is a new USFS approved arrestor specifically for this model

A very tidy spark arrestor

This is a very small and unobtrusive
end cap. NOT USFS approved.
Gas Gas $69.95   
Beta $74.95

Now available for the Beta EVO and Sherco

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New spark arrestors available from lewisportUSA---

this is a universal fit for the OSSA--GAS GAS (with extended tip) trials bikes.-

-can be adapted to fit just about anything!

Available in black/blue/red/green---the end can unscrew to clean filter and also replace with larger mesh if required.

In stock--call for more details. $75.00--(black) $80 --(colors)

An affordable, unobtrusive spark arrestor.
Fits Sherco, Montesa, and Gas Gas.
Photo 1  Photo 2

Montesa 4RT
Spark Arrestor