Spark Arrestor Gas Gas & Beta

Gas Gas: Fits 2002-2007 125-300cc U.S. Models
With BT280126100 silencer end caps
and BT280126002 silencer bodies

Beta: Rev3

Would you attach a trumpet covered by a screen to your GasGas silencer to meet the requirement of having a spark arrestor at your local event?  We didn’t think so, that is why we designed our low profile spark arrestor end cap.  First off installation and removal for cleaning are a snap.  For installation just firmly press the unit over your existing silencer end pipe (the sealing “O” ring provides a slight resistance) and snug down the set-screw and you are ready to go.  The end cap is very unobtrusive and only increases the end pipe diameter by less than 3/8” and the length less than 1/4”.  Other benefits include light weight (approx. 27 Grams or 1 Ounce) and a smart black anodized finish complemented by our laser engraved logo.

Body-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
Screen-stainless steel
Sealing-size 124 viton O ring
Set screw- stainless steel 4X0.7mm metric 2mm allen head

To avoid clogging of the screen occasionally
remove the spark arrestor and clean the screen
with an appropriate solvent. Re-grease O ring
for better sealing and ease of installation.

This device has not received USFS approval

Gas Gas