The Lewisport Special

A very special bike, modified to suit YOUR needs !
With our wide range of accessories and modifications, we can
modify your bike, or build a new or used bike from scratch.

Dustin Land's '07 Gas Gas

Mr. Bill's Gas Gas 200

Right  Left   Tank   Rear

Dustin's '09

One   Two   Three

Graphic closeups on our
Graphics page

An '06 Beta

Beta Special

A 4RT Special

A Repsol Replica 4RT,
further modified

A 280 Gas Gas

LewisportUSA Special Gas Gas

Another 4RT Repsol

An '05 Gas Gas


This one is a very tricked out 2002 Montesa

LewisportUSA Special Montesa

Polished frame
Polished triple trees
Polished forks
Renthal bars
Bar ends
Anodized alum. bolt kit
Lacquered metalflake plastics
Lewisport front sprocket guard
Lewisport rear fishtail guard
Lewisport coil guard
Small gas cap
Aktive reeds
Lightened flywheel
Ignition modification
Straight through muffler mod.
Wave rotor on front
Air box modification
Moto-Air filter
Carb. modifications
Header pipe protector (front)
Lewisport carbon fiber pipe protector

.... and MORE!

Paint options available starting at $300; our design or yours.
We can do a tank exchange (Montesas) to minimize your downtime.
For best results, we recommend new, rather than your used, fenders.