Tire Changing Stand!




Available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, or Yellow.

Get off your knees with an MRP tire changing stand!   This stand will make your tire changes fast, easy and painless. The height is adjustable from 27 to 35 inches. It will securely hold your 14 to 21 inch wheel three feet off the ground. An accessory mini ring is available for 10 and 12 inch wheels. This unique design works great free standing.  There is no need to bolt it down, but for the ultimate in stability the 24 inch base can be attached to a floor with the pre drilled mounting holes. It has a thick rubber padded top ring that grips and supports your wheel when the tapered speednut is tightened against your wheel spacer. The feet have tread tape on them so you can easily weight them with your feet as you work your way around your wheel. It will protect your brake disc from being bent and protect your knuckles from your sprocket. When you pick up an MRP stand you can tell no corners are cut on material or welding time. The weight is important in how the stand feels with a wheel/tire mounted on it. This weight combined with the size of the base is what keeps the stand from being tippy. It is a very rigid design and is fully welded together and ready for years and years of use and abuse.

For storage you can lower the stands height to 27 inches or, with a little more work, make it even smaller. This only takes seconds and your stand will take up very little room in your garage, truck or trailer. They are also easy to hang on a wall when not in use.

There is a pocket on the side of the base to store your tire tools. That way everything stays together between tire changes.

The center rod adjusts or is removed by tightening or loosening a T bolt which only takes a second. The main part of the rod is a big dia. (5/8") and has two threaded ends to fit larger or smaller wheels.

There is a rim lock pry point which allows you to easily pry your rim lock back away from the rim. This comes in handy when installing a mousse or tire balls or if you prefer to put your tube in your tire before putting it on the rim. You will be able to easily move the rim lock back and ride the first side of the bead up over it.

A small price to pay for a high quality American made tool made out of American steel that will most likely last you a lifetime.